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  • DT2000FZ-H


DT series online wrapper is applied on flow line wrapping, widely used automated production line, improve wrapping efficiency ,labor cost saving .at present, this kind of products have been widely used in chemical industry,electronics,food and beverage ,paper making and other industries.

DT2000FZ-H, compact structure. Advanced slewing bearing device, the bearing effect is better, the service life is longer. Convenient clearance and maintenance. The unique film clamping device ensure better wrapping effect. More durable. The wrapped goods are good for transportation, avoid the spoilage of goods during storage.

Product's parameter:


DT2000FZ-L, DT2000FZ-H, DT2000FZ-HCS

Wrapping size


Wrapping efficiency

30-50pallets per hour

Turntable speed

0-15rpm, adjustable

Turntable size

Diameter: 2000mm, height:500mm, roller   conveyor

Turntable load


Film carriage

Stretch ratio 350%, adjustable

Top platen


Control system


Pneumatic system

0.6-0.8Mpa,   250NL/min






3kw,   380V 50HZ



Product's detail:

1.Variable wrapping force system

Automatic adjust wrap force according to pallet shape
let every part of the pallets be wrapped tightly

protect the corner of the loads ,avoid the corner concave.

350% Pre-stretch rate , save 30% film compared to traditional pallet wrapping machine .

2.Saving Film Consumption

Maximum up to 350% pre-stretch rate.

Maximize the value of each meter of stretch film Standard constant releasing film Fixed-point wrapping and quantitative use film.

3.Electric top platen(optional)
Automatically sense cargo height
It guarantee the goods stability.
It is safe with production and assembly line work, meanwhile the goods are in uniform.

4.Slewing Bearing Turntable

Use the slewing bearing turntable ,max load weight 2000KG ,more quiet and lower vibration compare with the chain drive turntable.

5.Lifting column

Double chain structure,
adjustable lifting speed frequency conversion

6. Operational panel 

Siemens PLC control, 
Frequency conversion speed regulation,
Touch screen operation or remote control

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